Google app Tricks

Just a few tips to help you get the most out of your Google apps.

Google Play Music

We all know we can pin songs to our device for offline playback, but we can also pin playlists. By pinning a playlist instead of songs, you can keep adding new songs to the playlist and they will be pinned automatically. Much easier than pinning individual songs.

Google Chrome

A well known tip, but very useful – bandwidth management. Head into settings, and go to bandwidth management, then turn on „reduce data usage“. Can help prolong your monthly data quota.

Google Drive

Sometimes, we have to deal with physical documents, which we have to scan to e-mail someone, or we just want to keep a digital copy for safe keeping. The Google Drive app has a scan function where you can do just that. No need to look for a computer.

Google Calendar

Not really an app tip, more of a tip for the actual service. You can add holidays and sports calendars to your own calendar. On the left of the desktop version of Google Calendar, click the dropdown menu to the right of „Other calendars“, and select „Browse interesting calendars“. From there you can add holidays and sports calendars to your own calendar.


If you receive a lot of e-mails each day, jumping in and out of your inbox to open them can be quite a hassle. So instead, just swipe to the left or right to jump from one email to another. Saves a lot of time when you need to go through a lot of emails.

Play Store

It’s well known that you can set the Play Store to auto-update apps so you don’t have to manually do it. But what if you want to manually update an app (like a beta app you are testing), but still auto-update the rest? You can disable individual apps from auto-updating by going into the app’s page, tapping on the action overflow (three dot) button, and untick the „auto-update“ option. Now all your apps will still update automatically, except the app you disabled.

Google Keep

Over time, your notes will slowly accumulate. And it may be that an old note has suddenly become relevant again, and you want it to be on the top of your other notes. To move notes around in Google Keep, just long-press a note and rearrange it.